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Published on January 11th, 2013 | by Dwayne Golden Jr.


Internet Marketing 101: Lead Capturing

Lead Capturing

Lead Capturing 101 from Dwayne Golden Jr. on Vimeo.

Using this one lead capturing strategy alone will save you hundreds if not thousands of online marketing dollars.

One thing I know many young entrepreneurs are doing right now is spending advertising dollars on the Internet to marketing their product or service… Great!

BUT, one thing they don’t teach you in Business schools are about capture pages.

Capture Page: A page where you “capture” information such as an email address before a visitor can continue on the to the next page .

Here is why this page is so important for you if you are spending money in online advertising.

Lets say you spend $500 on a facebook ad campaign that’s driving people to your product’s site so that you can make sales… (a great idea that I will talk more about in my next post)

After spending that money lets say you you make 10 sales at a $100 price point you did great you doubled your money…. BUT your missing out on a whole lot more money.

Studies show that on the Internet a customer usually does not by on the first contact it usually takes 7 contacts before someone hits the buy button.

Here is what’s possible if you use the lead capturing strategy the right way…

By having your advertisement forward people to a capture page first and collecting there email address you can market to them again in the future for free by sending out email blasts.

That’s a major difference, advertising without a capture page you may make 1 sale but if your are capturing their info you can send them emails about other offers in the future as well as more emails about the same offer if they did not buy on the first contact.

So what would have only been one sale from that money you can now turn into many more sales in the future with out having to spend more money. (with that being said DON’T BE SPAMMY)

That one strategy WILL save you hundreds of dollars.

A pic I took of my friends acting weird… (Justin is the 3rd from the right)

In my video at the beginning of this post I mentioned Justin and my dilemma about my capture page not converting to leads at the rate that I would like.

Listed below is my capture page that was converting to leads at 20% and Justin’s that is converting at 40-50%:

lead Capturing

My capture page with a video for my new latino marketing company.

Justin’s Capture page with no video and very little info.













So just like I mentioned in the video, on a capture page the idea is not to give them a lot of info… in fact the idea is to the exact opposite give them barely enough info just to peak there interest  in just a few sentences and collect their info.

By having a video like I do (did) in that screenshot it gives people the opportunity to assume they already know what it’s about with out having to give me their info to continue onto the next page.

So by barely giving them any content whatsoever you are more likely to get that many more email addresses.

I trust that those of you out there who are spending money in advertising online will implement this strategy and give me your feedback on the type of results your getting.

Lead capturing is something a believe that will make your online marketing 10x more effective.

What marketing strategies are working for you? Leave your feedback in the comment area I love to hear from you guys.

PHOTO CREDIT: Featured image by TrueblueTitan on Flickr 

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6 Responses to Internet Marketing 101: Lead Capturing

  1. Badass blog post Dwayne, thanks for sharing and delivering value home. Was a pleasure meeting you bro. Looking forward to doing bus things together. Love & Light!

  2. Dwayne Golden Jr. says:

    Thanks man, most def 2013 is going to be NASTY!

  3. Hi Dwayne, this is a very important point. Lead capturing is a very vital strategy every Internet marketer should use and also take seriously.
    In fact, we should always review our capture pages or teaser pages now and again; this will help to increase lead generation. However, to retain a lead, whatever It is that is being offered must meet the subscribers’ expectations otherwise, as soon as they opt in, they will opt out and the whole process will be pointless.
    Nice one Dwayne. Cheers.

  4. Dwayne Golden Jr. says:

    Hey appreciate the feedback, I totally agree no one wants irrelevant info. I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog to see what other cool stuff you’ve got coming out Lola.

  5. Hi Dwayne,

    That’s a great point you make about not giving your prospect too much info from the off.

    You want their curiosity to kick-in and make them want to access more information by signing up to your offer.

    I suppose the art in this is writing good sales copy. Make them want your product without giving too much away – that’s the real trick here.

    Nice graphics to accompany your copy is another pleaser as it can show a more professional approach.

    Build that list, treat your prospects with respect and build those all important relationships.

    I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Here’s to your success in 2013.


  6. Dwayne Golden Jr. says:

    Thanks man! Great points glad you liked the post.

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