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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by Dwayne Golden Jr.


Student Business Ideas With Zero Startup Cost pt. 1

Student Business Ideas pt 1 of 3– Starting a Social Media Management company.

The idea of this series is to get student business ideas into the hands of the the unconventional who instead of selling out and getting a job waiting tables go out start a company of their own.

Rather than do what society tells you to do “go out and get a real job” you can do what the great minds of today’s world did…

Start your business now, don’t wait til’ you’re out of college/high school.

By the time you graduate you’ll be so far ahead of everyone else who will most likely graduate just to continue waiting tables until a job falls in their lap.

Now by no means am I saying this rout is the easiest, I’m not. In fact, it requires more out of you but the return is much greater.

Not just financially, but for what you learn in the process of running your own business may end up being more valuable than a lot of what you are studying now.

The fact the you had the smarts to even research student business ideas says alot about you I’d say it’s a good idea to act on these instincts.

Now that we have established that this is not something for lazy people…

1. Research

This is a business that requires no upfront money from you and in fact can have you in profit mode rather quickly.

Before that you start with this strategy you must actually have something to offer your customers.

So aside from this post spend at least 4 hours studying social media marketing strategies so that you can actually have something to offer your clients.

Spend sometime on the links below learning what it takes to manage someone’s social media accounts.




In the video below I will walk you through the steps of being a social media manager along with showing you the tools that I use myself for my social media clients.

Part 1 of the student business ideas came from Jasmine from she took the time to show me the ins and outs of social media.

Student Business Ideas

Jasmine and I – Photo by

One of the most important things Jazz shared with me was her social media questionnaire.

There is no way to manage someone’s social media with out some base knowledge about their company.

See the questions & links below for the type of information you will need from your clients:


- What do you think social media can do for your organization?

- What do you want social media to do for your organization?

- Who are your three biggest competitors?

- Please list 5 – 10 words (or phrases) which best describe your brand. What impression do you want your brand to leave upon people?

- Are there any other brands or concepts which you would like to mold your brand after?

- What skills and services does your company offer?

- When was your company launched?


2. What To Post

With the information you have collected from the questionnaire you should have a good idea of the type of company you are dealing with and a general idea of what type of audience they have.

So by doing your proper research the rest is easy, just be sure to do everything with in the company’s brand/persona.

Sharing photos and videos on social media is usually a great rout to go at least once a day to generate some good participation.

Use the tools I mentioned in the video it should really shorten the amount of time you have to spend on posting each day if you schedule ahead of time.


3. Tracking Results

Since you will be offering this service to different businesses they will want to know what they will be paying for.

I recommend that you create a spreadsheet tracking the growth of the following across the social networks.

Send the report to the clients weekly or bi-weekly to build trust with them.

Along with the report it’s also good to give them ideas you have for their business whether it be a weekend sale for their facebook fans or whatever else you come up with.

By doing this they will begin to value your opinion and be more inclined to keep you around a lot longer.


4. Client Generation

Never doubt the power of email. Using google, research local or foreign businesses and mark down the businesses with out a good social media presence.

Generate a list of 25-50 names and emails then draft a proposal to these businesses offering your services with a your price list and list of deliverables. (what they get by hiring your company)

I charge anywhere from $150- $750/mo. all paid upfront depending on the clients budget and how many social networks I will be managing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.) as well the number of posts.

Out of the all the opportunities for student business ideas this is maybe the most scalable, you will get out of it exactly what you put into it.

When I started I didn’t do any of the actual work myself… I found someone who does social media and worked out a deal where I doubled their prices offered it to my client and kept 50% of the money.

That is my favorite way to work because it requires nothing from me. To find a place to hire social media managers go to  and

So there you have it, just like I said in the beginning put at least 4hrs into mastering social media marketing/management and you can have a very profitable business in quite a short amount of time.

Put this strategy to the test… I was once a student and understand what it feels like to be broke and in school.

What has been your experience with your student business ideas? Please give me your feedback I’d love to hear from you!

Featured Photo Credit: The Social Network Movie

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